Our name has atypical capitalization for a reason. It started out as a simple idea: Become Movement and Expression. The movement and expression part is clear from our mission —  everyone at becoMe firmly believes in the power of movement and the importance of physical expression in recovering from trauma.

And then, there is the power of the word “become” itself. It is an active word, grounded in the present while nodding to the future; it is inevitably influenced by the past, but it doesn’t fail to look forward.

But as I settled more into the name, I realized I also wanted a focus on the individual. Our organization name speaks not to a generalized population or some generic idea; it invites the reader to see one word in particular: “Me.”

In a world where “me” can sometimes be taken as selfishness or self-centeredness, we invite our clients to embrace the power of “Me.” We invite them to explore their honest self and acknowledge their ability to heal. Though healing can be assisted by a combination of professionals, personal tools, and community, it is also driven by internal strength. No clinician can heal internal wounds of their own power alone and no class will ever fix everything. This practice is focused on healing, recovery, and the renewal of a sense of self – a sense of “Me.”  

This gives our clients the tools, resources, self-awareness, and opportunities to recognize that their own power and sense of self will drive their healing. We invite them to take pride in “Me”, and embrace their own inherent strength and beauty.

We are a company of women, for women. Our founder (who is also the voice of “I” here) is a woman. Our board members are women. The person who helped design our logo? A woman. The counselors and teachers that we work with? All women!

But we also believe in the power of community. The power of allies and partners and communication of different experiences. You will see men helping us out behind the scenes, at fundraising events, helping us to make connections, organizing funding and donations, and providing logistical support. I bounce ideas off of my husband, my male friends, other colleagues, and try to surround myself with diverse ideas, so I’m not in an echo chamber. You will see coed classes at fundraisers. We do not exist to exclude men from our lives and experiences.

We are, however, unapologetically a company for women. As I begin reading “Girl, Stop Apologizing”, by Rachel Hollis (for the second time), I do wish to end my “About Us” section with that idea in mind. You do not have to apologize for your mission, your dream, or your focus, ladies. becoMe is a collection of strong, driven, empowered women, and we stand here to help other women embrace their best selves. One step at a time, with shared focus, and with determination. There is so much good that can be done in the world, in the midst of all the things that hurt and terrify us, and we are here to do one small piece of that good.

The teacher in me sees the teacher in you.

The student in me sees the student in you.

The disaster in me sees the disaster in you.

The beauty in me sees the beauty in you.

becoMe sees you.

Namaste, my friends.