The Story
Every story has a beginning.  Ours had two, and that’s pretty fitting.  Your story has one birth, but how many different beginnings have you had?  Life is full of beginnings, and it is so much more beautiful that way.  Click here to learn about our name, our origins, and our direction.

The Name
Our name is simple, but has a few layers of meaning quietly embedded within it. Find out a little more about how we came to be who we are.

Our Philosophy
At the core of everything we do is our founder’s favorite phrases from her Yoga Teacher Training experience. Learn more about what grounds our philosophy and our practice.

Meet the Team

Learn about our founder, board members, and some of our contributing professionals and clinicians.

Christina Sorgi
Founder/Executive Director

At a glance:
In addition to my role at becoMe, my day job is: 200 hr certified yoga teacher and personal trainer
Place of most peace: Doing yoga in a river
Fun fact: I collect dragons
Crucial knowledge: My pitmix rescue is spoiled and I apologize to no one.

Alexa McDonald

Board member

At a Glance: Creative Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, Social Media Guru, and Coffee Lover 
Place of Most Peace: Either hanging from the trees in a hammock or anywhere on my yoga mat
Fun Fact: I was a gymnast for over 15 years! 
Crucial Knowledge: I am an aficionado of all things IKEA