becoMe Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower and strengthen women healing from trauma through mindfulness and movement.

It is a well documented fact that there are a myriad of benefits that come from participating in yoga, fitness, movement, meditation, and mindfulness as a whole.  Step into any gym, online health forum, journal of medicine, etc, and the ways movement benefits the body are in no short supply.  In the fitness industry phrases like “no excuses” and “never miss a Monday” or “You always have 30 minutes” are used to encourage clients to show up, and to remind them that most battles are just in getting to wherever the workout is.  But the truth is that those statements aren’t universally true.  For women struggling with emotional or physical domestic violence, those taking refuge in shelters, or recovering from any variety of trauma, attention to physical fitness is difficult.  In the face of danger, stress, and uncertainty, fitness may fall by the wayside in favor of other pressing priorities.  When one is struggling to hold a family together in the face of trauma, 30 minutes of streaming exercise is probably the last thing that stands out as important.  A trip to the gym,  a class at a yoga studio, or making a $15 payment to have streaming access to a workout can seem beyond impossible.

But the fact remains.  Exercise and movement, and doing so with other people, can be incredible sources of inner strength and centering which can lead to strength and stability in other areas of one’s life.   becoMe aims to place instructors with shelters and organizations to help bring the power of yoga and movement to the women trying to build strong, stable lives for themselves and their families.  The goal of becoMe is to help women increase their self esteem, and to realize their own inner strength and power.  Through various styles and techniques of yoga and mindfulness techniques, becoMe trainers work to tailor programs specifically designed to enrich the lives of participants and help give them measurable changes.  Our focus is not external, but internal.  The decision to bring one’s life down a different path is not easy, and becoMe exists to be a partner to women on that path.


Next Steps…

We are in the early stages of building our programs and shelter network. Right now the two most important things you can do to support this important effort are to volunteer and to donate. If you are ready to be a part of helping these women that could be your relatives, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, to becoMe, please call us at (201) 355-3227, or email us at

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